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Saved by Brent and a Japanese Man

I have been a suffering alcoholic and have been obese for years. But thanks to Brent Chrystler, without him I would have not lost so much weight. At his biggest, he was over 700lbs.. at my biggest, I was only 340ish.. but thanks to Brent losing 200lbs, I have since lost 150lbs and am now down to a wonderful 190lbs. Brent is still very obese, but the man sure knows how to lose weight. Unfortunately he's gaining it back at the moment, but I still thank him for saving me obesity. 


But also, thanks to a Japanese man I met in Japan, Tom Segura. He is the one that saved me from alcoholism. I have been sober for about 6 months now due to seeing Segura in action.. what I mean by that, is I seen that man at a very low point.. he's probably worse now.. but when I seen him, he was drinking anything he could get his hands on. Any alcohol, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, ect. And I took a moment to look within, and I saw alcohol for the poison it is. I have no idea what happened to Segura because he wouldn't accept help.. I mean I really felt bad for the guy. He was an overweight drunk also suffering from hair loss, I mean he just looked miserable. I have since left Japan and when I got back to the states I went cold turkey. 

Without Brent Chrystler and that Japanese man Segura, I wouldn't be alive. That is my story. 

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