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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

You know the rest....I was reading my post of JANUARY 12th.. My 46th Anniversary of continuous sobriety... I shared a window of future plan...I did indeed fly several days later to Bangkok with a completed 4 page typed out application for a "China visa"...I was told my itinerary was not SPECIFIC enough.. a few days later...Chinese New Year's, Wuhan virus and lost any interest in going there. I physically tore up the application

I was taking the third class 10:05 AM train Feb.6 to Hua hour and a half ride for a dental appointment from Prachuap KK...Across from me was a Chinese couple with a 2 year old child...The child was physically holding a sesame swirl in front of my mouth...I accepted, thinking about the illness at that time affecting China ONLY...."let Go and Let God".. a fleeting thought of disease transference. The child just learning about life...Didn't want to disappoint her 

The lady, fluent English, told me she had been out of the country 2 months.. prior to the outbreak...I felt sorry for her all country borders were closed to her except Cambodia.

My Thai Visa running out...March 16th...I had a ticket on the Night train sleeper 13 hr get me to the Malaysia border...I was one of the last in, they closed the border the next day. I got the last room in my usual hotel before that was shut down for what was supposed to be a 2 week lockdown.  I'm NOW in day 31 LOCKDOWN IN Georgetown Penang..."allowed out for food"..SO WHO KNEW...just a couple of short months.. IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE ANY PLANS..."That's nothing but a luxury problem for me.... no big deal...but I thought about the isolation of newer members.. Not being able to go attend their group or groups facility

MYSELF.For the first 15 years of my sobriety I relied very heavily on a physical contact and interaction with my AA groups... If THAT was not available to me then...I thought just recently how I would have coped with today's reality..THERE IS ONLY ONE ANSWER>>>TRUST GOD & HELP OTHERS.. There was no computers back in those days.. As someone once said at a meeting..."YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE WIND >>>BUT YOU CAN ADJUST THE SAILS...

Although I have been sober many 24 hrs...My sobriety, like anyone else's: " It is contingent on my spiritual well being Today"...I rely very heavily on the 11th step.. JUST DO YOUR BEST>>>AND NEVER GIVE UP>

Hey I spend a lot of time playing my guitar the "Wuhan Virus Lockdown Blues".. Getting pretty good..."Have a lot of time to practice.. The intricate melody over the sophisticated chords...Hey at 77 still want to be a rock Star when I grow


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