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Post Info TOPIC: Jubilee Anniversary TODAY 45 Years


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Jubilee Anniversary TODAY 45 Years

An anniversary is special...a Jubilee anniversary (every five years) is a little extra special:

Like Bill Wilson I was a Wall Streeter in my first Career out of Graduate School....Yes I was acquainted with Bill Wilson in N.Y. but it was not an AA the late '60s

At the end of my drinking I was 24/7 heavy drinker...Found half frozen in a New England Snow bank, passed out, I was found a few heartbeats away from death. Picked up...taken to a warm place, given a cup of coffee and a pamphlet....I was attending my first meeting of AA, At the end of the meeting, I knew I was in the right place....That. night I had an EXPLOSIVE Spiritual Awakening...I really needed De-tox? Shook for two weeks cold turkey and told to listen...I did...I never picked up another drink or drug again thanks again to AA...Over the years thousands of AA meetings I don't get to meetings anymore I currently shuttle back between Thailand and Indonesia...

I owe a particular debt to Father Joseph Martin...In my first week of Sobriety I listened to his presentation "Chalk Talk"...45 years later still listen to it on U-tube along with his presentation of the 12 Steps...To me THE Recovery from Alcoholism THE Standard..."I'm still learning and growing.

Recovery is SPIRITUAL and that's the key...An indicator, "I never paid one penny for recovery" just coffee money and the basket....Spiritual gifts are beyond materialism...TODAY that's why so many are NOT recovering...They fail to grasp that simple concept, and treatment centers make matters worse NOT better.. At least my observation...As an Architect, I know and have learned "It's That simple"..

WHAT Have I done the past 45 years with my Sobriety?....I've had an astounding life and cannot express enough Gratitude...You may like to explore it through my website



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Congrats Tom ... you're a giant inspiration to all ...

Love ya man and God Bless,


'Those who leave everything in God's hand will eventually see God's hand in everything.'

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Percival wrote:

Spiritual gifts are beyond materialism...TODAY that's why so many are NOT recovering...


 So many are not recovering because they are bringing their dog to a car mechanic and expecting it to get fixed. I suspect it will be this way for a long time to come because altruism is beautiful in theory but completely fails practically. 


Congrats on the time. It is huge.

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