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Wisdom of the Rooms 7-9



July 9, 2018

Quote of the Week

If you are bored in the program, then youre boring.


I remember when I entered recovery, I thought my life was over.  No more parties, nightclubs, wild, fun times.  And worse, I felt sentenced to meetings, where there were clicks of people who knew each other I felt like I was back in high school.  Sure, some people reached out to me, but I mostly wanted to isolate and keep to my secrets.  And thats when I told my sponsor how boring the program was.

Ill never forget how patiently he listed to me.  Once I was done or had started repeating myself for the third time he asked me some questions.  Are you asking to join people after the meetings for coffee or a meal?  No.  Are you offering to help set up or clean up after?  No.  Are you going to any of the picnics, roundups, dances and parties that are offered?  No.  Then no wonder youre bored.  Youre boring!

My sponsor explained that alcoholism is a disease that wants to keep us isolated so it can kill us.  He told me that people in the program insist on having fun and as a group theyre not a glum lot.  Just look at the laughter and friendships you see.  But, you have to take contrary action and join in if you want to be a part of.  And deep down, I did.  So I did get active.  And what I found to be true in the program is also true in life: You get what you put in.  

Today, Im too active to be bored, and because of that, I get to live a life that is happy, joyous and free.

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