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Post Info TOPIC: Daily Reflections / As Bill Sees It

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Daily Reflections / As Bill Sees It

Daily Reflections


Do not be discouraged.

Few experiences are of less value to me than fast sobriety. Too
many times discouragement has been the bonus for unrealistic
expectations, not to mention self-pity or fatigue from my wanting to
change the world by the weekend. Discouragement is a warning
signal that I may have wandered across the God line. The secret of
fulfilling my potential is in acknowledging my limitations and believing
that time is a gift, not a threat.

Hope is the key that unlocks the door of discouragement. The
program promises me that if I do not pick up the first drink today, I
will always have hope. Having come to believe that I keep what I
share, every time I encourage, I receive courage. It is with others
that, with the grace of God and the Fellowship of A.A., I trudge the road
of happy destiny. May I always remember that the power within me is
far greater than any fear before me. May I always have patience, for
I am on the right road.


As Bill Sees It

Resolving Fear, p. 61

Fear somehow touched about every aspect of our lives. It was an evil
and corroding thread; the fabric of our existence was shot through
with it. It set in motion trains of circumstances which brought us
misfortune we felt we didn't deserve. But did we not often set the
ball rolling ourselves?

<< << << >> >> >>

The problem of resolving fear has two aspects. We shall have to try
for all the freedom from fear that is possible for us to attain. Then
we shall need to find both the courage and the grace to deal
constructively with whatever fears remain.

1. Alcoholics Anonymous, pp. 67-68
2. Grapevine, January 1962


                   Since it cost a lot to win, and even more to loose, you and me gotta spend some time just wondering what to choose. 


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Fear comes from the pressure we place on ourselves. We need to trust ourselves but first our Higher Power!


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Great stuff BillyJack, ... ... ... and Welcome to MIP Ted (Starvin Artist) ... we're glad you're here and look forward to your ESH here on this forum ...


God Bless,



'Those who leave everything in God's hand will eventually see God's hand in everything.'


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Funny it's easy to say but hard to remember.

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