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Zoo, Phil....

Well, Phil ...the zoo is pretty quiet. It's just me and the monkies in my mind. I gave my cat away a few weeks ago, he was not happy after my son went to college and life is a little calmer now. I am going to have to venture out in the cold in awhile to check on my Mom and go to the post office.

How are your plans for moving going? Got everything packed? My daughter and her family moved to the town where my son is going to school over the weekend and left the house they were renting in a mess, and now with the ice storm, can't get back to move stuff to storage and clean.I will not go do this for them as I didn't understand why they left it that way.... they had planned this move for months.I was not ask for advice,didn't give any, this is not my deal. Control , I have none over anyone but myself. What do think Phil, am I in recovery or just full of it?



Courage is fear that has said its prayers.

MIP Old Timer

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The Monkeys in your mind Gammy Gal?? Just stick a banana in each ear, once a day--thatll keep em busy-hahaha

As for recovery? Sounds to me as if your recovering:) I used to get myself wound up in everyone and everything around me. Now--if its not my stuff--I just walk on by, and wait on the corner. hmmm theres an old song with that line in it.

Most people around me dont ask for my opinion any more. They know Ile likely give it. (smile) As much as Ide like to give it sometimes, its a Let Go thing, and double zipper my mouth.

Then there are the boundaries. I like to help others if I can--but then theres that line of." Am I enabling or helping?" "trying to fix and control" Self centered stuff.

Or is it the AA way or my way?"

Most days now, I just try to give from the heart, do what I hafta do for me, and Let God take care of the rest, in slow mode. He Does. If we let Him. :) I also had to lighten up and smell the roses, as one goes about slowly picking out the thorns.

You have a good day my freind.

PS> Am I packed and ready to rumble? Im an Alky. I was packed and ready to move a week ago, and still have 4 weeks to go before doing so. hahaha-some things never change. Now. Whered I pack the cat? here kitty kitty kitty.:)

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Easy Does it..Keep It Simple..Let Go and Let God..
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