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Post Info TOPIC: Welcome Stan-Howdy Busbe.:)

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Welcome Stan-Howdy Busbe.:)

Welcome to the board Stan. Couldnt help but reply to your post about being happy at Christmas when drinking. "H" I cant remember any. (Smiles) I was the one who stayed up all night and played Santa Clause, by myself. Gave the cookies and milk to the dog and cat--and emptied every bottle in the house, that was saved for Christmas day.--went to bed at seven am-missed dinner completely, and thought the next day was Christmas morning. Then I was hurt cause Santa didnt bring me anything. Uh Boy.

Busbe? Ive got a great Alanon sponsor that has said the same thing, over and over and over again for the last three years. I used to see her comming and hide-hehehe

"Dont act. Dont react. Do nothing. LET IT GO!!" God, I used to hate that.

Got a male sponsor in AA that keeps telling me to NOT get all wrapped up in someone elses Sheet pile. Both of these people finally got through to me, but it took abit of time. Im a slow learner:)

Ive got a couple of family members not happy with me right now, over not going to a big family dinner, this weekend.

Just had a big gathering a month ago.--- I wont be there this time people. Get over it.

Takin time to cook dinner at home, for a change, and spending Sunday in front of a nice cozy fireplace wachin movies. The best thing about it all is "I dont feel guilty.:)"

Ive got a rubber hammer here Busbe.:) I just go BONK!!! and Let it go. If that doesnt work, I use four letter words like "Take a Hike!!!" My serenity comes first.

You guys have agreat day!!

PS. In reply to your post below. Stan re laughter. Took me a long time to do that sober. Can do it today, without self medicating. Used to think that not drinking was no fun at all.

Stick around awhile. This
program works if yu work it.:) You might even learn to be happy, and content, after awhile.:)

-- Edited by Phil at 00:13, 2004-12-23

-- Edited by Phil at 00:18, 2004-12-23

Easy Does it..Keep It Simple..Let Go and Let God..

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Yes Phil they are trying to get a reaction out of me and thanks for reminding me dont

act or react to let it go  great reminder also thanks for helping me hold on to what

sanity I have........Busbe


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Thanks Phil - you certainly went for extreme fun at crimbo.

Can't say I ever missed any of the xmas xperience thru being pissed and I have cooked xmas dinner for the last 30 years or so. So at least I always got to eat it.

Did miss a boxing day football match against Millwall due to a bad hangover. Also I missed another one because I dedided to go over the drink curfew time limit (for driving the next day) and spent the night in bed with someone other than my right hand. Why the hell the police insist on a 12 am kick off on boxing day, I will never understand - just makes it uncivilised. If someone wants to have a drink before the game, as all of us here know, it does not matter about the time one iota, especially when the local pubs open at 8 because of the early kick off. Anyway the only time I ever had a drink before a football match was when I was "forced" to do so by the French police prior to the European Cup Final between Leeds and Bayern Munich, when they caused a riot.

I have bought my alcoholic 82 year old flat mate a bottle of prosecco and a bottle of vodka for xmas so she will be out of it for at least 36 hours so I will be effectively on my own this year. Perhaps I should go to work and do my accounts.

Palace v Portsmouth this year has been "put back" to 1 pm so I get a bxing day "lie in". At least the rest of the games over the new year period have a 3 pm start.

Back the bid for the Olympics anwhere else but London
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