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On Problems & Problem Solving
A Problems is
A challenge

An opportunity

A warning

An eye opener

A threat

A riddle

God's gift

Way to success

An obstacle

A blessing

A test

A perspective

A lesson

A weakness

A vulnerability

When There is a problem
who or what caused it

Why it has arisen.

What you can learn from it

Take it as a part of your life.

Be realistic and practical
Control your emotions.

Think positively

Search for solutions

Weigh the consequences

Implement the right solutions

Take preventive measures

Learn from your experience.

When there is a complicated problem, think deeply but without worry. Let your mind explore all possible rationale solutions.

Even after careful weighing and analysis, if you are not sure which of the available alternatives to pick up, leave the problem to your mind and concentrate on other things in life.

In many cases your subconscious comes out with some amazing solutions. The subconscious is not under our dynamic conscious control. This is a problem as well as a blessing.

Problem, because you cannot extract an answer from it by your will. You can only make an appeal and wait for its response.

Blessing, because, since it is not under your control, it thinks in the most innovative ways, unlimited and uninhibited by your conditioned thinking.

Ways to Solve Problems

Logical or Analytical Approach: Think, analyze, weigh the option and decide the best course of action.

Creative approach: Brainstorm, think creatively, compare and contrast and look for unusual or hidden patterns. Give freedom to your mind. Be imaginative. Suspend your judgment and critical analysis till you have enough output from your own creative process. Then take a wise and intelligent decision.

Intuitive approach: Trust your inner wisdom. As your higher self for guidance and solutions. Keep your mind in a state of relaxedness and sense of assurance that you will ultimately find a solution or you have already set the process in motion. While your subconscious is busy doing its work, divert your attention to other matters. Do not be disappointed if you don't get a solution or answer. You subconscious acts quiet mysteriously and sometimes its silence has its own meaning that is not known to your ordinary mind.

Master Mind approach: Seek the help of friends and well wishers, experts and knowledgeable people whom you consider to be capable of helping you find a solution to your problem. Take advantage of their wisdom and years of experience and expertise.

Spiritual approach: Refer your problem to God, your guardian angel, a supernatural deity, your personal God or the Eternal Intelligence in whom you have faith and trust. Pray to the higher forces of creation for guidance and help. Express your gratitude for the blessings you have received so far.

Problem Vs Crisis

A problem is a critical issue that needs to be resolved in time. A crisis is a critical problem that has been neglected or not resolved for a prolonged period of time. Problems are easier to handle compared to crises, because the latter demand greater attention and resources for their mitigation and may even defy a solution. People who lack foresight usually ignore their problems or tend to procrastinate their actions. Having failed to take timely actions and suffer from serious consequences of their inaction or delayed actions and end up with serious crises in their lives.

Tools and Resources

Courage, conviction, a positive mental attitude, patience, intelligence, foresight, open mindedness, readiness, preparedness, proactive approach are some of the qualities and resources you need to cultivate or possess in order to deal with the day to problems and serious issues in your life. If you are goal oriented, take your life seriously, want to achieve something in your life, not afraid of taking risks or facing risks, willing to amend yourself or suit yourself according to the situations you face in your life, you have greater chances of dealing with the ups and downs in your life and lead a more successful and personally satisfying life.

Easy Does it..Keep It Simple..Let Go and Let God..
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