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Happy Saturday

peeking out window-6 inches of snow-dont wanna work today-but got 18 hours to go.
looking at calender--3 months till spring--tests-tests-tests

Dw doesnt want me in California-she knows better-lol

Ok Catherine-I understand theres an opening for a Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World. The last one got drunk. Im applying for the job.

The rest of you guys have a good day, and stay sane.---hmmm-- ok then---sober.:)

Keep lookin up and Truck onward. Step-step-step

A.A. Thought for the Day

Doctors think of the A.A. fellowship as group therapy. This is a very narrow conception of the depth of the A.A. fellowship. Looking at it purely as a means of acquiring and holding sobriety, it is right as far as it goes. But it doesn't go far enough. Group therapy is directed toward the help that the individual receives from it. It is essentially selfish. It is using the companionship of other alcoholics only in order to stay sober ourselves. But this is only the beginning of real A.A. fellowship. Do I deeply feel the true A.A. fellowship?

Meditation for the Day

Most of us have had to live through the dark part of our lives, the time of failure, the nighttime of our lives, when we were full of struggle and care, worry and remorse, when we felt deeply the tragedy of life. But with our daily surrender to a Higher Power, come a peace and joy that makes all things new. We can now take each day as a joyous sunrise-gift from God to use for Him and for other people. The night of the past is gone, this day is ours.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may take this day as a gift from God. I pray that I may thank God for this day and be glad in it.

Easy Does it..Keep It Simple..Let Go and Let God..

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Hey Phil,

Thanks for the Thought for Today.... thanks for your good humor.   You're welcome to visit us here in California, but I can't pay for your plane tickets... can you sneak into someone's luggage... or if you're a contortionist, maybe even a tote bag would work out.  All that snow you're having, that's enough to make a grown person cry and swear at the same time.

Luv, Hugs & Prayers you way, dear friend,


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