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I think my server lied about a non-alcoholic drink

Last night I think my server lied about putting alcohol in a drink. 

I went to dinner with a friend. I am four years sober and she knows it. She gets migraines so she drinks rarely. Both of us only had water. 

At the end of the meal the server brought two drinks, both in cocktail glasses, saying, "My specialty." We asked if there was alcohol and he said no. 

I didn't drink it. Instead I paid the bill in cash, went to the bathroom, came back. The server asked why we weren't drinking. He said, "The people at the next table want the same drinks. You have to tell them how they taste."

I asked again if there was no alcohol, and he said, "No, I promise." I sipped the red drink, which tasted like grapefruit. There was a strong aftertaste, which reminded me of alcohol. I asked the ingredients and the manager just said, "Strawberry." The other drink smelled like Kahlua. 

I asked again if there was alcohol because of the aftertaste. He asked, "What, you don't trust me?"

At that point I didn't answer, grabbed my bag, walked out and waited for my friend. I was panicking. 

I don't know why I trusted the server. I don't know why I didn't stick to my guns and refuse a sip. I am not craving a drink after this, thankfully. But I am disappointed that I caved to the server's pressure. 

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