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winner, losers, and property taxes

Eastern High was a new team and most of the players were freshman. They were playing Central that day, a team that had already won many prizes, and they had 3 players that were accomplished seniors. It was the first quarter.

One of Eastern's best players was out with an injury. It was the first time that Joe actually got to play. He was pretty nervous, but he went out on the field and into the huddle before the first scrimmage. He was not the quarterback, or the full back. He was a wingman. Into position. The ball was put into motion and they were off!

Joe was kind of small for football. But he did the best he could. The whistle blew to end the quarter. Central was ahead 7 - 2. He thought, "What a loser I am!" He got discouraged. The other team gloated,,,  "Losers! Losers!"  He felt more nervous than before, and wasn't sure he wanted to go back in, but he went. Second quarter.

Joe played the best he could again, but he didn't quite have the enthusiasm that he had the first quarter. There were some calls against the other team of holding, grabbing the face mask. Central was ahead again at the end of the second quarter. 22 - 15.  He felt even more sure that he was a real loser. His own teammates now started looking at him in disgust.

Half time. The coach tried to rally them. to have good moral is very important. The coach asked them, "Is the game over yet? It ain't over till it's over. There is no winner till the end of the game."  He told them, "Central's team is cunning and baffling,,,  they don't play fair, and they are a lot more experienced than you. Do the best you can, guys. You lost two quarters, but you didn't lose the game. Get in there and do the best you can."

Joe got back in there. During the third quarter, Central lost 2 key players, one for committing a serious offense, and the other got injured in a pile up. Joe was determined to do his best, no matter what the outcome. At the end of the quarter Central was still ahead, but not as much. 29 - 21.

The coach gave some instructions to the players and made a couple of changes. Joe listened to the wisdom of the coach, who was an experienced player himself and had spent much time studying the game and learning how to be an effective coach. They went back in for another battle. Joe was tired and bruised. This wasn't fun any more. But he did the best he could, following his instructions,, they had a manual and he had studied it, and the coach explained the principles of the game and strategies at weekly practices. Joe's team held their ground. Central was not quite as able to get past them as before. Two minutes left in the game. Central had the ball. They threw a long pass... 

FUMBLE! Joe just reacted and dived on the rolling ball, picked it up, and ran towards the goal line. This was the moment that he'd been preparing and waiting for. He pumped his legs and MADE IT!  TOUCHDOWN!

Thirty seconds to go. They prepared for the kick. YEAH! The ball went straight and true over the middle of the goal post! Eastern came from behind for the amazing win! The game was over.

do your best and God does the rest, a step at a time


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