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Will Power

I used to think I was an Atheist because I did not believe in the same manner or degree as other people. It took me a long time to figure out exactly why I felt like that and it was not until I got away from AA for many years that I put it all together. I had been mentally conditioned to think I had to look outside myself for HELP for my alcoholism. I was told by just about everybody that I needed HELP for this problem but it was not until I gave up absolutely on any HELP and realized I had to do this on my own or I was gonna die, that I finally achieved long term sobriety. 

I had to quit looking outside myself to fix a problem that was inside myself. AA is about removing the self complex though a series of spiritual and scientific steps. Many people fall victim to the idea that they are unfixable and untrustworthy in regards to Alcohol. You cannot fix yourself if you think you are unfixable or untrustworthy in regards to your own sobriety. This shaky feeling is cultivated at AA but it does not mean your gonna drink. You are in complete control of that no matter what you have been told at AA. I am talking about Will Power, yeah you know the thing we are supposed to not have in regards to drink. The thing that because we believe we dont have it in regards to drink, brings us to AA. 

Did it ever occur to you that you have to be sober before you go to AA. Let me say that again because most AA'ers dont get it they are so brainwashed. You have to be sober before you got to AA, if you show up drunk they escort you out, I know this from experience. So you dont GET sober at AA like alot of people think. Truth is the hardest part you do on your own at home and at work and everywhere else you are for the 23 other hours of the day that you maintain your sobriety.

Will Power for some reason has always been thought of as coming from the individual, like it is born in them. That is actually exactly true it is born in you and it is part of the individual but it is also God given and you dont even have to ask for it, believe in God, or go to meetings to get it. It is in you at birth and you can use it anytime you WANT TO.

They call it Will Power because it was left to you in a will and just like any other inheritance you dont have to ask for it, and in fact you did not even know you had it till I told you RIGHT, Right. Just like the inheritance you got from uncle so and so you did not know it just appears like a treasure.

Inheritance and Wills come from the dead and this one is not any different because somebody had to die for you to get this power. When this man died he looked up to heaven and said to his father, "forgive them for they know not what they do" and a great earthquake happened and in that instant we were all forgiven but we also were granted the knowledge of good and evil. We now know what we do and we make decisions based on this knowledge. We have the Power to chose between what is right and was is not for us, and we have the power to stick to that decision.

Will Power comes from God and you use it every day you stay sober, do not give AA this power by going to their SATANIC MEETINGS AA is about Brain Washing poor people to extract money from their pockets. Dont be fooled into thinking AA is doing it. Look you are sober somewhere right now and where is AA. Bill Wilson was a Financial Genius who created the very first Religious Cult model of Sales. Cults are about making money not whatever religion they profess and AA is the ring leader. 2 million members strong collecting cash every hour of every day 24 hours a day worldwide. WOW, and if you go to AA you know what I mean. You never see that cash it just goes to the back and gone. ANONYMOUS CASH DONATIONS with no receipt given and no ledger kept. If it were any other organization you would be very suspicious but because it is AA and because of the word GOD you think its all above board. Thats exactly how they do what they do, because everybody THINKS AA is such a wonderful place. So anybody, ANYBODY can make an ANONYMOUS donation. GET IT, ANYBODY. AA has been deeply involved in organized crime since the 50's when the traditions were written, and the traditions were written to protect the MOBS money. The MOB does not want anybody trying to sue AA and getting at THEIR money, now that you know that read the traditions only before each one say to yourself, you can sue is because. AA is the greatest money laundering machine ever invented. The money at my group is laundered right here in town for the ARYAN BROTHERHOOD and everybody knows it. Yep they launder METH money right through the Satanic Wicka basket. But all those dumb asses just keep putting money in so I guess it will just get washed for ever. LOL

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