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Today where I am it is the morning of January 12...12 hours ahead of N. Y time....47 years ago there were no personal computers relating to such a thing as online AA. In 1996  AA as an organization, the internet quite new was just starting up...I learned HTML and designed for myself a website, It still exists today relating to my professional interests and experience. My point well I learned a few things about starting websites and things, so I developed an AA chatroom...It was constantly spammed , it didn't last long... I closed it down...a Failure...others more well organized and judging by today an overwhelming presence and resources.... Help from the disease of Alcoholism is out there, like everything else at your fingertips.

I was scrolling down the page, didn't get too far when I ran into my last anniversary post... Jan 12, 2020 full of optimism. This was pre-corvid I was in Indonesia full of plans for the coming year. I had reservations to fly to Bangkok to submit my application for a China Visa..4 pages long...I missed by one day submitting it before an early Chinese New Year...In addition the application would probably not have been approved for lack of SPECIFIC times and places...They don't like people roaming around the country at whim like most others.

So last years plans were scrapped, took the train to one of my favorite spots in Thailand. While enjoying myself and the magnificent beach in this community...Corvid....Didn't think much about it.. still don't. My Visa extension was running out mid March... Believe I was one of the last to leave and entered Malaysia the day before they closed down the Border.. So I am in Malaysia now very comfortable in Georgetown Penang.

I didn't foresee the clamatoes world condition resulting either, around May; I started a Face Book page maybe help and encourage others realizing how difficult it was for families.. maybe bring a bit of optimism Anyone who wanted to be my friend was welcomed. .turned away no-one. I don't need anonymity anymore at my age...What I have accomplished since I began my journey 47 years ago on a cold New England Morning in January, snow up to your waist, can be accessed on both my Website and Face Book page should you be interested Face Book.... Tomas Colligan...... business card reads, still active at 77..... Seaman - Naval Architect - Screenwriter... seasoned and well qualified professionally in these areas....I owe my new Life, of 47 years to AA....TODAY like every other day throughout the years.. I read the 24 hr book with morning coffee...Not being able to get to meetings...My go to guy is Father Joseph Martin on U-Tube. In my opinion, by far the best analysis on  Alcohol.....So what am I to do Today.. After finishing this take the elevator down to the Olympic size pool for my daily dozen laps... then working on perfecting Eric Clapton's fantastic SOLO on No-one loves you when you are down and out.. I just took a hiatus from Face Book...too distracting at this time...Began Writing and researching my 7th Screenplay, and most of the day, playing my guitar.. Might even start recording on Face Book.. But today I just keep it simple try to do God's Will for me today ....How Does Daddy Boy Blues and the Joke sound? (LOL).. That's what I like to play...The Sun just came up another cup of coffee then hit the pool, later the gym to stay healthy.. Trying to practice the principles in all my daily affairs.. Helping others with my strength Hope and Experience over the many years.. My Face Book Page and Website as mentioned will reveal a lot about the promises revealed after step 9...As Father Martin would often sat..."If you want to move mountains, bring a shovel.. Well I warn out many shovels and I am still digging.


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Beautiful congratulations...   :)

Selfishness-self-centeredness! That, we think, is the root of our troubles.
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