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Post Info TOPIC: Hopefully, God Hasn't Lost His Sense of Humor

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Hopefully, God Hasn't Lost His Sense of Humor

I been sober a few twenty-four hours now. In the beginning, I had a sponsor, one of those old school guys who wouldn't take any of my BS. After he helped me find a Power greater than Bernie, and I was able to get sober and stay sober, I began to sponsor new people because that's why my sponsor sponsored me. He didn't do it because he thought I was a cool guy and he needed a friend. I AM a cool guy but that's beside the point. He carried the message to me so I would carry it to others. That's how Alcoholics Anonymous works. Ebby carried the message to Bill, Bill carried it to Dr. Bob, the two of them carried it to the man on the bed and so on. When I start thinking it's done some other way, I need to re-read the Big Book.


I have a ritual I do every morning. I consider my plans for the day. Before I begin, I ask God to direct my thinking. That's a big book quote by the way. Page 86. As I'm doing that, I do a few readings. I always read the Daily Reflections. I'm also a member of Al-Anon so I read one of their books too. It gives me a different perspective on the problems I face during each day's march. I also have a godbox. I pick a word from the box. There are lots of words or slogans in my box. Today, God gave me the word sponsorship. I thought that was funny because I only have a few sponsees right now and they're all low-maintenance. They only contact me when they're in a crisis. That's my fault. I should have taught them to contact me when things are going good, too.


It was pointed out to me early on that as a Sponsor it's my responsibility to give the newcomer much practical advice about how to work the Steps. I can do that because I have had the experience myself. That's also in the big book. Page 96.


I remember once I asked God to give me something to do. He sent me three newcomers. I was busy for the next 5 years. When I pulled that word out today, I thought...... God, I don't want that much fun, but I do have a little time on my hands so if you still have a sense of humor.........


I'll let you know what happens.


Not all my days are priceless, but none of my days are worthless, anymore.

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Pg 86 is my favourite page. I found it easier to live this life than my old unmanageable life.

But for the grace of God.
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