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Wisdom of the Rooms 12-24



December 24, 2018

Quote of the Week

"Sometimes you dont realize that all you need is God, until all you have is God."


Even after years in recovery and with all my sober experience, Im still amazed by my tendency to put so many things before God. Many times, Im convinced that if only I were retired or had enough money to travel more, or if my wife would do what I wanted, then my life would finally be better. If only I could get what I wanted, then I would be happy.


My stubborn reliance on this myth can be pretty disappointing. Ive been reminded in meetings that anything I place before God will be taken from me, and I can show you inventories of the many things I have put before Him, and obsessively chased and then lost, to prove this is true. Its painful when it happens, but the result is that it always leads me back to God.

The greatest gift I have today, and the one constant source of strength and hope in my life, is my relationship with my Higher Power. My Higher Power has the answers and solutions to the problems I face, and He has a deeper love and caring for me than Ill ever comprehend. When Im connected to God, there are no worries, no wants, and no needs. When things get stripped away, as they will be, and all Im left with is God, its then that I remember: All I ever needed was God.


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'Those who leave everything in God's hand will eventually see God's hand in everything.'

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