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Wisdom of the Rooms 8-13



August 13, 2018

Quote of the Week

Take my advice, Im not using it.


Before I entered recovery, I thought I knew everything.  I knew the right way you should be living your life, the right diet to eat, the right way to vote, etc.  And because I knew everything, I was quick to tell you about it.  Problem was, I never practiced what I preached because I thought I had a better way, an easier, softer way of getting what I wanted.  Turns out I was wrong.
When I started working the Twelve Steps, the biggest obstacle I faced was letting go of my old good ideas.  My sponsor always used to ask me what my back pocket plans were, and Id tell him my best advice for living.  And hows that working for you? hed ask me.  Not too well, was my inevitable reply.  It took many more bottoms for me to finally release my know-it-all attitude and listen to others solutions for living.  
Today I keep my advice to myself and let my life and my actions speak for themselves.  If I have a good idea today, I discuss it with others before I try it out.  If it works for me, I let it be another living example of what works for me.  Today, when asked for my advice, I instead offer my experience, strength and hope.  If it helps you, great; if not, thats fine too.  Today Im quicker to take advice than to hand it out, and Ive found it works out a lot better this way.  
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