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Third step parable


A drunk is staggering along the street and he meets God.  "God, I
can't do this anymore," he says.  "Please, please, will you give
me sobriety?"  God says, "Sobriety isn't free, how much money have
you got?"  The drunk reaches into his pocket. "Fifty bucks." "I'll
take it," says God, "you're sober."  The man stands up straight,
drunk no more.  It feels pretty good.  "Yeah but, God?"  "Yes?"
"I know I gave you my money willingly.  But, you see, I need to get
gas for my car." "You have a car?" says God.  "Well, yes." "You
didn't tell Me that.  I'll take the car."  "But..." "I'll take the
car.  It's part of the price for your sobriety."  "But how will I
get to work?" "You have a job? I'll take the job, too."  "But God,
how will I pay my mortgage?" "Mortgage?  You have a house?  I'll
take that too." "But God, my family.  How will I take care of them
if you have my house and my job?" God says to him gently and
lovingly: "In order to keep your sobriety; you must give Me these
things.  But I will let you drive My car as long as you remember
it's My car.  You can have the job, but remember you're working it
for Me.  It's My house but I will let you live in it.  And as for
the family, they are My family but I will trust you to take care
of them for me .


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that is so deep.

to serve god (HP) is the meaning of this give back and stop being takers and making us the center of the universe.

to become humbled by sobriety and respect it for it is a gift and one i am truely grateful for.

you know all i ever wanted when i was drinking was to be happy...but i didnt know i had to work for it -earn it.

with sobriety and working towards gods will (HP) really makes me happy because it puts me in perspective and i get out of the way to see the light.

trudging the road of happy destiny is much better than staggering and tripping in the dark.

-- Edited by jersey at 18:48, 2006-01-18

armed with the twelve steps all things are possible

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This brings to mind a song by Joan Osbourne - Yes Ozzy's oldest daughter.

Not quite sure of the name!

If God had a name - what would it be and would you call it to his face - if you were faced with him and all his glory - what would you ask if you had just one question?

What if God was one of us - just a slob like one of us - just a stranger on the bus - trying to make his way home.

If God had a face what would it look like and would you want to see - if seeing meant that you would have to believe in things like heaven and in Jesus and the Saints and all the profits.

What if God was one of us - just a slob like one of us - just a stranger on the bus - trying to make his way home.

Back up to heaven - all alone

Nobody calling on the phone - except for the Pope - maybe in Rome

Like a holy rollin' stone - just trying to make his way home - Back up to heaven - all alone .    


You only live once; but if you work it right, once is enough. There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend.

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Jersey**I agree with u 100%

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