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Well, good Monday morning all.Just finished my first cup of tea and need to get going for the day. Just want to share a little of my weekend. I was ask a few weeks ago to start a recovery program at my church, so I did ,we use the Alcoholics for Christ program, anyone heard of it? Anyway, we have had some good meetings. But lately no one has been showing up, that was the case Sat. night, so I drove to a town 30 miles away to a AA meeting and dance. The meeting was great,lots of sobriety and sharing, people I had not seen in awhile and a few people from my home group.The dance was good, lots of country,good rock ,I didn't dance, but the fellowship was great.

But....I was thinking of my husband who is still 300 miles away in half-way house. It has now been a year and 3 months since we separated and he has been in jail or the half way house for 9 months of that time.I have been working on my issues with this marriage this whole time and I still don't know how I truly feel.My heart says one thing, my mind says something else and my Alanon program has some input, then there is my AA  program, so many thoughts and such a small place to keep them. So I write them down, I share them with my sponsor, most of all I share them with God and ask Him to show me, lead me, guide me, hit me over the head, please.I know He will, I trust Him,more than anyone or anything else. I will "Let go today and let God". I will listen.

Yesterday was my husbands 49th birthday, I guess that is why he was on my mind so much Saturday night, also seeing so many of our friends in the program, so many have tried to help him in his sobriety, and they all love him and are still praying for him. I know it's not over till it's over.

I'm sober today, I'm moving slow, raynaud's and arthritis are a little troublesome at this moment.I am grateful to be alive, breathing, free to do what I want to do and I have dreams , and I will do what I must today to accomplish a few of my goals.

I pray each and everyone of you have a sober day.We are all miracles.



Courage is fear that has said its prayers.


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Good Morning Gammy

I can very much idnetafy with your share i was only 3 months into my recovery when my ex and i split we were married 14 years i was 16 when we got married and i was 31 when our divorce became finale it was very diffacult but with the support of my hp and all of you and a wonderfull sponsor i made it through hand in there sis ill be praying for you :)

Hugs, Serenity

Much Love, Serenity

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Howdy Gammy. I dont know if it helps any, and keep an open mind. I dont even know if I make any sense here.

After comming through a lot of tests, tunnells, and journeys in life, I have found in the end, that I hafta go with my heart. And Im a man-go figure??? :)

I firmly beleive that any answers that I look for today come through God, and He speaks to me through my heart.

If I combine that with how I truly feel on a daily basis, coupled with good thoughts, and what I need to grow, on a daily basis, from both programs--Let Go And Let God--and aim for the goals that I desire in life, everything runs pretty smooth in my tiny brain.:)

If I start analyzing, and playing with yesterday, and negative stuff, I get wrapped up in turmoil.

If I look forward to tomorrows and do my best today, aim slowly for tomorrows with what comes from my heart, and not go with what spins in my head--walk with God-and Keep it simple, with an Easy does it. I get Serenity.

Ile never be perfect at it, but it works for this kid. You have a great day young lady.

Easy Does it..Keep It Simple..Let Go and Let God..

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Hi Gammy,

I'm always so happy to see you here.  I was reading the 12-Promises this morning to one of my sponsees and #11 popped into my head as I read your message:

"We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us."

I know that many things I've worried over have never come to fruition and I now try to keep myself in the now and cross whatever bridge is ahead when I get to it!   Then  #11 takes over when I do.

I know that God is with me in all my decisions.  Sometimes these decisions don't always feel good, but they do feel right.  Hang in there and have faith in God and yourself.  Take good care of you.

I wish you everything good, Gammy,

Love and hugs,


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