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Right Back at ya, Phil

Well, ya know what they say about us with PMS, a new Hairdo once a month!  (that's me)  No, that's 49, not 92!  Here's your   (kick) in the butt to pack!      It's 49, plus add X amount of pounds having given birth to four!  Now, don't go there....   ya here?   All in good fun, Phil.  I just have to laugh it all off,  just don't want to admit to all the underlying confusion in my marriage, ya know.

Don't know if I have a sober A, or an active A, just know I have one and that I have to get the Boundary Bag out once in a while and use it.  Is that a good thing or an exhausting thing?  Time will tell. 


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Holy Mackeral. Now we got twins. You and Amanda look a lot alike. :)

And yaaa Sal-some days we just gotta lighten up.

Life is just too short to die of stress, and analyzing the "H" out of everything.

I got that email joke--passed it on to 20 or 30 others, some of which are on the board.

Just added you to my "pass on the jokes list".

Why dont you lay back and try the recipe I just devoured.

You take 4 eggo waffles--cover them with honey--cover that with vanilla ice cream--cover that with chocolate sauce--and cover the whole thing with whipped cream. Put 6 cherries on top.

(The aftermath of quitting smoking.)

And you think you vibrated before?? hahaha

Im cookin!! Gotta find my Bee Gees CD. ----Have a good night.

Got one of those Alanon and on, and on, and on, meetings.:) Later.

Easy Does it..Keep It Simple..Let Go and Let God..
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