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Expectations can cause havoc in our daily living. We all have a basic
right to be treated with dignity and respect, but that doesn't mean life
will always go our way. The twists and turns of life often carry us up
rivers of disappointment to shores we never chose to visit.

Facing life as fully involved travelers, without expectations about
outcomes, is perhaps the brightest way to travel. Making plans without
setting up for certain outcomes makes us flexible people who learn to
go with the flow. It has been said that there is a direct proportion
between our level of expectation and the amount of stress we have in
our lives. Trusting the results to a larger plan allows us to relax and
enjoy the adventure of the journey.

As we grow closer to our Higher Power, we find we can let go. We are
more peaceful and confident, less frantic and controlling. Trusting that
our Higher Power will protect us, no matter what we encounter on our
journey, helps us face the future with a calm and loving heart.

Today let me relax into life and let go of my expectations.


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Another good post Elizabeth.

Ive had a lot of expectations of others, over the past couple of years where people would say one thing, or comitt to something--then a few days later-it would be completely different--or plan ahead with others together, and then the other bows out.

Man! It almost drove me around the bend.

I think im at the point today where words wont do it in a lot of cases. Its a "Showme" thing.

I expect others to be responsible and trusting when they make comittments that involve my life.

Ohh well-its still expectations. Others can let us down, and cause disappointment etc.

I expect my cat to go in the kitty litter. If he cant be responsible to do that--its awfully cold outside.

I expect my employees to do be responsible in their work. But then again, they might not be,- so BOOT!!

If Im married, I expect both partners to be responsible, and comitt to the relationship. Doesnt always happen that way. Marriage goes Poof.

I expect my car to start in the morning. If it doesnt Im going to kick the bumber. Then Im going to expect the mechanic to fix it. If he cant, a hammer might be used.

Yup. I guess its all expectations. I try to not have too many today.

Have a good day Elizabeth.:)

-- Edited by Phil at 12:20, 2004-12-28

Easy Does it..Keep It Simple..Let Go and Let God..
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