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"the message"

 I was really struggling last week, and had to go to two meetings a day and pray a lot of serious prayer. I won't go into what it was about specifically,,  but suffice it to say that it was about getting closer to someone I care about,,, and finding, by surprise, some self-destructive negativity there. The whole thing put me into a real spin.

 I am coming out the other side now,,,  and guess what?  I think I finally "got the message",,,,   and hey, I couldn't carry the message if I didn't get it myself...   

 I have been in recovery 16 years,,,   and everytime I get to Step 12 I fall off the Step. So this year I have been really focussing on that.   I have fallen off Step 12 at least 4 times this year.  Step 12 is 'practice these principles in all our affairs'.   Easy to say,,,  easy to be a sponsor and tell someone else how to practice these principles,,,  but everytime I try to apply this stuff and take it from theory to practice..  boom..  there I go down to Step 1 again. Discovering once again that I am powerless.

There I was,,,  this morning,,,,  fallen on my butt again and looking at it,,, and I see it!!!   The message!!! 

"Do your best, and God does the rest"

So, I am going to get up now, and start again.

love in recovery,


do your best and God does the rest, a step at a time

MIP Old Timer

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Well-Hi There!! Young Lady.:) jeeee whiz!! Youre not alone.:)

Practicing these principles in all our affairs? Good job, it says practice, because as long as Im around here, also---Ile never get it perfect.--and yu know?

Thats just OK.

There are some days I hafta just lighten up and smell the roses, because Im too busy trying to pick out all the thorns.:) Ouch!! ouch!!

These days I awaken, and just turn it ALL over, and look forward to just BEING.

And YUP. --Let God Handle It.

You have a great day Gal!! And remember. YOU ARE LOVED.

Onward Ho!! in Slow Mode.

As For the rest of the crew in the zoo? Close the cage doors and dont let the lions out. Im going to play in the Monkey cage. :)

Easy Does it..Keep It Simple..Let Go and Let God..
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