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Post Info TOPIC: Patience And Tolerance


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Posts: 12
Patience And Tolerance


Patience and Tolerance

By Margaret Ann Lembo

According to Random House Dictionary, tolerance is “1. a liberal spirit toward opinions and practices that differ from one’s own; 2. the power to endure or resist discomfort or hardship.” To tolerate is “1. to allow without hindrance.” Patience is “2. bearing misfortune or pain without complaint; 3. calmly tolerating provocation or delay.”

Being patient or tolerant is a practice. Daily we have the opportunity to practice either or both of these qualities. Some days we are better at it than others depending on what else is happening in our personal reality. Perhaps having compassion and empathy for what might be going on in an individual’s personal reality is the key to becoming patient and tolerant.

We often lose our patience when we are reacting to circumstances which appear outside of our control. Notice I said that circumstances appear outside of our control. Of course, the weather is outside of our control, disasters and accidents are outside of our control. The reaction of being impatient often reveals that there is something underneath waiting to brew up to be dealt with. Fear is usually the greatest cause of impatient behavior. Actually, fear is usually the greatest cause of intolerance as well.

We are fearful of the unknown. We find ourselves unable to tolerate someone whose beliefs are so different than our own. It scares us so we judge them. It scares us because we do not understand or relate to their reality. We become impatient because there are diverging points of view instead of embracing that difference and honoring another’s Sacred Point of View. It is their View and unless it is being inappropriately forced upon us, then Vive la Difference! Live and Let Live! Agree to disagree and go on being friends or amicable acquaintances.

Having awareness that each person’s thoughts, belief system, personal reality is different than the next, provides an avenue for compassion and understanding. Once we remember that their ‘come from’ place is not the same as ours, we can embrace that difference. But we must remember that constantly. We have not walked a mile in that person’s moccasins so we can not judge why they may act or feel the way they do! Being patient and tolerant is a practice that extends infinitely within our conscious lives. It even includes being patient and tolerant of those whom we perceive are not patient and tolerant. Yep, it’s the old saying, “when you point your finger at someone there are 3 pointing right back at you.” This saying can be an additional tool to help us be more patient and tolerant of others.

Let’s go back to things appearing outside of our control. Once again, let us remember that whatever we focus on is what we create. If we are interacting with many who are impatient or intolerant, then we must take the time to observe ourselves to find where we may judge others and have similar reactions in a different setting. Through this practice of self-observation and taking that deep look within, we may allow for more self-tolerance and patience as well as that tolerance and patience of others.

Regardless of how it manifests, stress in our lives can create havoc. This havoc will often play out in our reaction towards others. So, what can we do about shifting our stress, relieving it and going back to our true self, which is Love? Take the time to meditate, relax, contemplate, pray, eat healthy and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Yes, everyone of us has a true nature that is Love. The more we believe and act as if we are Love and everyone with whom we interact with is Love, then amazingly tolerance and patience becomes evident within our daily lives in all our interactions.

May we all remember that we are all human. May we honor that every day is an opportunity to Love more fully and therefore, become more aligned with tolerance and patience. May we develop our compassionate nature and be kind at all times.

Treat I would like to be treated...with respect and love..It is in giving..that we receive..

MIP Old Timer

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Posts: 1025

Hey Phil....I've been patiently waiting for you to show up and post some of the stuff from your bag of wisdom. This was great , thanks, I needed it.

How's every little thing going in your world?I pray all is well.



Courage is fear that has said its prayers.


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Posts: 12

Morning Rose...Had to take a few days and some Letting Go and Letting God stuff...some standing outside, of some pictures and taking a look, stuff..some step stuff.....some forgiving stuff.....meditating stuff.....just normal stuff.(smile)

Busy with AA service work...and responsibilities....

Another  2 day storm..moving in today...and its going to be a Biggy..

Its a batten down the hatches..and letter fly eh?

How U doin?  Hangin Tough?  I see... youre going through a few adjustments too.. hu?

We get through the tunnels Rose...

I still like that saying .....

"BE aware that the light we see at the end of the tunnel....might be a train comming the other way" "Get the hell off the track..and let it go by..and proceed with caution"

You have a good day Gal!!





Treat I would like to be treated...with respect and love..It is in giving..that we receive..

MIP Old Timer

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Posts: 1349

well, Phil,,,  I have to admit....  now don't let this go to your head,,,,   but I missed you.  I was going to put out an apb today.  But I am glad that you are balancing,, and that sounds like what you are doing. Time for us and time for yourself,,, time to talk and time to listen. Isn't there a verse or song that is kind of like that?  We do get through the tunnels with the help, and Light, of God.

love in recovery,


do your best and God does the rest, a step at a time


Status: Offline
Posts: 12

Howdy Amanda..its nice to be missed...

As for anything going to my head....I cant go there alone...Too many voices up there now.:)

Im just here...cause Im not all there...and Thats not going to change anytime soon....but it does get day at a time...if we let it...and try to do the DO THINGS...Humbly...

You have a nice day..

Treat I would like to be treated...with respect and love..It is in giving..that we receive..

Veteran Member

Status: Offline
Posts: 52

nice to see you back too......

where does one go to get lost in your neck of the woods anyway..........provincial route 6 ?

thought maybe that was the cause of your absence..........then again you arent a dumb american in canada trying to find the border........

guess things eventually work out as they usually do.

like to have an uneventful conversation you know where to find

and again nice to see you back and posting again....leaves one to worry....didnt know if the polar bears that walk down y'alls main street consumed you or something.

well thats enough from this side of the border

have a good night.

armed with the twelve steps all things are possible
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